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          1. ENTRANCE

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            Country garden
            GuangDong country garden school
            Phoenix city international school
            Flower city school
            Overseas Chinese country garden school
            People's education press





            Brief introduction School features Known teachers Activities Admission
             Admission for students:
                 Students of kindergarten (above 3 years old) , students of primary school(Grade1-Grade6)
             Tel: 0731-84079688 88216888
                Fax: 0731-4079666
            Country Garden, xingsha, Changsha, China
            Special presentation:
             We have advanced education ideology,so the children whose parents with advanced education ideology can get the priority.
            All righs reserved:Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School
            School location:Country Garden, xingsha, Changsha, China
            Telephone :0731-4079688 4079666