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            Country garden
            GuangDong country garden school
            Phoenix city international school
            Flower city school
            Overseas Chinese country garden school
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            Brief introduction School features Known teachers Activities Admission
            School features

            Ideology decides children's future

                We design our education strategies in accordance with IB philosophy, the only education system recognized widely by famous universities throughout the world, aiming to bring forward the internationalized education for the students and develop students with an international perspective as follows:
            Inquirers Risk-takers
            Communicators Reflective
            Thinkers Caring
            Open-minded Principled
            Knowledgeable Well-balanced

            Teachers are students’ second parents.
                The school leadership is composed of the mainstay from national famous schools--Guangdong Country Garden School. Teachers are recruited from schools with good reputation and private schools all over the country. We emphasize on the following elements of candidates : professional qualities, education ideology, education experiences and abilities of     English.Experienced native English speakers are employed as oral English teachers to ensure sterling spoken English.

            A good school is visible!
                In parents’ eyes, a first-class school should have not only qualified faculty, but also splendid equipment and establishments.
                Country Garden Venice Bilingual School is a top-notch school of consummate modern facilities and a beautiful campus with all kinds of functional rooms, including study rooms, dancing rooms, music rooms, art rooms, piano rooms, laboratories and gymnasiums. All the laboratories are equipped in accordance with the highest national standards. Every classroom is set up with multimedia equipment. The school also has a 200-meter track field of an international standard, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton gyms, swimming pools, libraries and biological gardens.

            Conquer English. Leave a broad space for children’s development.
                English Education Strategies:
            -----Authentic English Textbooks: Cambridge Young Learners English for Grade 1 to Grade 3 , Cambridge English for middle Schools for Grade 4 to Grade 6.
            -----Dense English Courses: high density of lessons, large volume of classroom teaching and high quality of native teachers’ classes.
            -----Bilingual Teaching Courses: We fulfil English teaching in the following courses of varying degrees: 10 percent of Math classes , 20 percent of Physical Education and Arts classes and 30 percent of activity classes.
            -----Colourful English Activities: Topic English once a day, English Class Challenge once a week, English Star Arena once a month and English Cultural Festival once a semester.
            -----International Examination System: CYLE exams for Grade 1 to Grade 3 , PETS and MSE exams for Grade 4 to Grade 6.

            A qualified course foundation benefits various upgrades.
                An all-around quality education will be implemented in Country Garden Venice Bilingual School. We design a variety of upgrades in accordance with various family backgrounds and different personal needs. Also, the school sets reinforced courses and personalized education program for foreign students to ensure maximum development.
                After graduation from our bilingual junior high school, students are capable to upgrade to different kinds of senior high schools in Changsha City, or study in the International School in Country Garden (IB World) School if they intend to pursue further study abroad.

            Good habits Wonderful life
              Small affairs to live,but great principle to be a man. With the core of learning to be a man, moral education starts with the small affairs in life and plots the three motif education.
            Three types of education:
            ----“Education of confidence”: Using the main line “I can do it” to inspire their inner confidence.
            ----“Education of love”: Under the topic of respecting parents, arouse their filial devotion and love.
            ----“Education of formation”: Take “five initiatives, six self- awarenesses” as the main part. Develop the students with good habits. Good habits, wonderful life.

            Explore students’ intelligence potential. Let students be themselves and develop their individuality.
                The present children will face the heat challenges from the world in twenty years. The present education, therefore, should not only focus on students’ abilities in dealing with exams, what’s more important, improve their abilities and skills in responding to the world.
                 Country Garden Venice Bilingual School develops a special curriculum for students. Besides the required national base courses, our potential exploration course is also set, which provides students opportunities to be themselves.

            Classes of a small size enable more individual care for your children!
                Country Garden Venice Bilingual School designs small class teaching with the average of 28 children in kindergarten and the maximum of 38 students in primary school and junior high school to enable more individual care for each child.
                Small class teaching is propitious for more individual care for each child.
                Small class teaching is propitious for greater chances of individual performance.

            It’s parents’ cherished desire to see their children grow safely and healthily.
            Country Garden Venice Bilingual School provides 24-hour closed management with round-the-clock service. School buses commute between school and home. You can set your mind to work with your children studying in our school.
            Classification of Curriculum
            Teaching language

            Core basic

            Integrated Chinese


            80% of the total periods

            Chinese Reading


            Speech & Eloquence
            Creative performance
            of literature
            Thought training
            Thought improving
            Bilingual class
            Integrated English
            Oral English
            English composition
            Foreign teacher’s classes
            English Activity
            20% of the total periods
            are taught in English
            Arts (including P.E. Music, Art and Calligraphy)

            POI Themes

            Who we are
            30% of the total periods
            are taught in English

            12% of the total periods

            How we express ourselves
            How we organize ourselves
            Where we are in place and time
            How the world works
            Sharing the planet

            Potential Development

            Speciality of arts
            8% of the total periods
            Speciality of English
            Little graduates
            Speciality of computer

            Education Aims

            Mission of the School

            In order to train students to become international talents with world vision , sturdy foundations, and superior intelligence and with the capability to make contributions for family, the country, the society and the development of the world, who can meet the challenges of the society in the future.

            Educational Ideology

            1, Inheriting traditional Chinese culture, while drawing the world’s advanced cultures.
            2, Based on students' intellectual exploitation, with emphasis on balanced and lifelong development.
            3, Develop domestic course with the international educational tenets .

            urturing Orientation

            1, Train the students with lofty ideals, moral integrity, discipline and good education.
            2, Train students to become explorers, communicators, reflective thinkers, risk-takers, to become a knowledgeable, open-minded, principled, caring and balanced person.
            3,Send outstanding students for higher institutions

            Class Size

            32 to 36


            Strengthen core courses of the national curriculum: Chinese , mathematics , English , information technology , morality , social science , sports , art ,etc..
            2, Develop school-based courses, adopt authentic English teaching materials , the bilingual teaching materials of the social Sciences, computer, offer classic literature reading course.

            Activity course

            1. Offer POI " theme study course ". Knowing Oneself, Self-expressing, Self –management, Llife space and time , Exploring the world, Share the earth.
            2, Develop Potentiality exploitation courses..

            English as the Teaching Language

            1.English 100%
            2.Math 10%
            3.P.E.&art 20%
            4.Activity course 30%


            1.Satisfy students’ various choices of entering higher schools.
            2, 100% of the students meet the requirement of " ten items of quality ".
            3, Most students entering school before Grade Three can obtain
            All righs reserved:Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School
            School location:Country Garden, xingsha, Changsha, China
            Telephone :0731-4079688 4079666