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            Country garden
            GuangDong country garden school
            Phoenix city international school
            Flower city school
            Overseas Chinese country garden school
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            Known teachers

            Principal Duan Jiaqi
            Principal Mr. Duan Jiaqi--an expert on education ideology, the former vice-principal of China International Experimental School For Advancing Children’s Intelligence and the former principal of English Primary Section and International Section of IBMYP in the national famous private school ---Guangdong Country Garden (IB World )School , has won the academic fame in the field of both family and English education. He’s selected in China Contemporary Educational Celebrity Dictionary.

            Vice Principal Heather

            Vice Principal Ms. Heather Xiang--graduated with a bachelor degree in English, the chief examiner of Cambridge Main Suite Examinations, is the former dean of English teaching in Guangdong Country Garden (IB World )School. She has been creating many miracles in English education and management with her advanced concepts and scientific

            Principal of kindergarten Qiu Yanni
            Principal of kindergarten Ms. Qiu Yanni, the former principal of Huanan Country Garden kindergarten is very experienced in Montessori Education and bilingual teaching management.

            Dean of Teaching Hu Yangping
            Dean of Teaching Mr. Hu Yangping, advanced teacher in math teaching, was entitled “Backbone Teacher in Teaching Research in China” in 1999. Many of his essays and teaching cases are awarded and published in domestic influential newspapers and magazines.

            Moral education
            director Chen Yuzhong
            Moral education director Chen Yuzhong-- the former moral education director in the Primary Section and IBMYP in the International Section of G.D. Country Garden School. He has formed mature and effective education concepts and management patterns which adapts to the specialties of students.

            Head of Rear Service Department Li Jingtian
            Head of Rear Service Department Li Jingtian, the former vice principal of Shunde Cen Songjiang Primary School, principal of Ya Jiada Primary School, supervisor in teaching of Guangdong Country Garden (IB World ) School, has rich experiences in management for years. He was chosen as “Advanced Principal in Foshan City” and “Advanced Educator in Shunde City”.
            All righs reserved:Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School
            School location:Country Garden, xingsha, Changsha, China
            Telephone :0731-4079688 4079666