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            English Activities

            English Entrance

              All the student have to recite one super short dialogue learned in the weekly topic before lunch and dinner every day.
            * What is Weekly topic?
              Weekly topic is created by English teachers with themes related to students’ life. It consists of two parts: 1. super short dialogues: There are four short practical dialogues to learn each week. Students learn one dialogue every day from Monday to Thursday. 2. a longer dialogue for higher grades and a rhyme or a song for lower grades.

            Class Challenge
              Classes have a competition on the weekly topic each Friday after the second class on the playground. Every two classes compete to find out a better class in reciting the topic.

            English in the air
              From 6:30 to 6:50 every evening, students from each class take turns to host English broadcasting in the TV studio. Students read about their diaries, tell stories or make conversations through broadcasting station.

            English Video Time
                Students watch English cartoons from 7:00 to 7:20 every night.

            English TV Station

              Students in each class take turns to make programs for school TV station. The programs are played on TV every Monday night.

            English Happy Go

              Students organize an open store to sell stationery twice a week. All the salespersons and customers are required to communicate in English.

            Weekend Presentation
              Students are required to present the weekly topic they learn each week in front of their parents and teach them a dialogue on the weekends. Parents make comments on the corresponding card.

            English culture festival
            Each year, students learn about one typical English-speaking country in all aspects which include its history, culture, customs, etc.

            Oral English Competition

              Oral English competition is held at school every semester. All the students are required to attend the first round of the competition---class competition. The winners of each class have the opportunity to attend the next round----grade competition and the best contestants will compete for the final---school competition.

            Cambridge Young Learners Test
              Students in elementary school are encouraged to take the CYLT after training. They are expected to obtain the certificate of Starters before they finish G3 and obtain the certificate of Flyers when they finish G6.
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            School location:Country Garden, xingsha, Changsha, China
            Telephone :0731-4079688 4079666